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Savannah, Considered


I’d go down to the river to skim some stones,

But I can no longer skim the years that I’m old,

I’d walk in the dark but the dark isn’t there,

I’m no longer scared and I no longer care,

I’d fight the good fight but it’s already lost,

The freedoms we shared were replaced with cost.

I’m going down.


I’d back a horse, get some skin in the game,

The course is closed and the jockeys are lame,

I’d wake you to listen to the morning news,

I’m a beast under bed and it’s rarely true,

I’d point you to the map on my wall,

But I doubt you’d see farther than the pin in Nepal,

You’re going down.


I’d claim to be The Polish Rider’s friend,

A false flag’s ceremony has its letters pre-penned.

I’d bring you back home and show you my ceiling,

The floors are more interesting now that we’re kneeling.

I’d take you life drawing to paint another life,

It’s hard to get the light right when the day is night,

We’re going down.


Scatter their ashes before they return,

Claim another miracle when they’re gone from the urn,

I’d share my views if I think that you’d hear,

You’re blinded by hope and you’re hidden by fear,

I’d give you this song, you know I wrote it for you,

But it’ll make no difference, it’s just another tune,

I’m going down,

You’re going down,

We’re going down...

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