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Savannah, Abandoned


You can have my heart, 
Stick it in a jar and call it a work of art, 
I will give you my shoes, 
They’re going free you've got nothing to lose, 
And you can share my friends, 
They’ll show you a life through a better lens, 
But I cannot give you that. 

I'll give you my fear, 
I'm sure it'll find its way back through the mirror, 
You can shave my hair 
I'll grow it back, I really don't care, 
And my keys, they're yours, 
They do more than just open doors, 
But I cannot give you that. 

You can drive my car, 
She's clocked 250 but always starts, 
My fate's been found, 
Pick it up at the market, a pound for a pound, 
And I will do your time, 
Just show me the prison and I'll get in line, 
But I cannot give you that. 

Move into my home, 
And run up a bill on the phone, 
Take a place at my table, 
Peel the bottle off the label then tell a fable, 
And you can have this tune, 
I know it’s simple, I wrote it for you, 
But I cannot give you that.

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